back to the old country

I was feeling a little lost on the cusp of a new working week, and dug very deep into my photo archives and found some very nostalgic shots I took on my first road trip to Yosemite in 2010. Even now I still marvel at the permanence of the old wild west that still lingers in the air.

This was in my very early days of my relationship with the lens, so as obvious that the technical knowhow was merely just a glint in the eye, I still thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the rawness of that experience. the light was different there to anywhere else I have traveled too, I can see why ansel adams was smitten. Enjoy.

elegant universe nyc

nyc was lucky to have a beautiful theatrical bellydance show make its last stop on the east coast and spoil us will utter visual splendor on a journey through the cosmos. Elegant universe is the brainchild of elena faye and faith chang, performed by an amazing cast of dancers hailing from NYC and afar.  If they come to your down, get your ticket and thank me later. 

travel show nyc - rwanda

Had the tease of of a lifetime by attending the nyc travel show on the weekend as guest of Rwanda Air, Rwanda Tourism and World Fusion Tours. I did not originally plan to be there long, but my itchy feet had other plans and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day dreaming of returning to my world traveling days.  May this year see a return to tired weary feet but a full and wondrous mind.   here are just a few shots from the lively performance.

thank you!

2016 has been a whirlwind. Personally its been a very stressful and painful year marred with losses of loved ones, accidents, pup emergencies and visa nightmares.  Photography wise its been the toughest yet more rewarding year to date.  I managed to somehow finish my diploma amongst all the chaos. I discovered some new paths and passions along the way, namely portraiture. I have been inspired by so many around me, I have taken a leap of faith in myself.  I have freelanced in my other career for many years, finding that belief and trust in oneself to formally start my own business is probably the hardest path I have ever taken in my adult life. Yes adulting is hard.   

So with my new business established, I am so excited to make some beautiful art in 2017.  So many possibilities await, and I look so forward to collaborate with the amazing communities I have found and bring some beauty to this politically terrifying world.

Lastly I am very excited to share with you my favorite image from 2016. Considering the incredible amount of beautiful work made this year, it was the hardest call to make. In reality I got down to like 50 shots that I love dearly and was the hardest task to get to one.  Enjoy.


Amaria Selene

For those who don't know intimately, I am an orientalist art lover. beyond the often grossly misrepresented visions and sometimes romanticized horrors of exploitations of another place and time.... it has inspired a lifetime journey that lead me these ancient lands and discovering the reality myself. Life is real and life is grit, it is and always has been - but there was always a sense of magic and mystery captured in the light, in each paint stroke - which was the only hard truth i found correlated between these paintings and real life. Everywhere i travelled, this magic you could taste in the air... you got led astray by that light - hypnotized by small pockets of ethereal that only you caught in a fleeting moment.

Here she is untouchable, you are forced to respect her grace. You cannot threaten her, here she rules the world from her reclined moment of peace, lost in the haze of her thoughts.

jason & ashley get engaged!

To wrap a very busy yet wonderful 2016 with a photoshoot soaked in love was an absolute honor. The wintery grey day was warmed with the surprise Jason had for his love Ashley at the Fireman's Memorial on the Upper West Side NYC.  Being such a small quiet space, it was hard to be incognito with my rather large lens, however a random walker stopped at the fountain by absolute luck and was a willing participant as my decoy and I was able to secretly capture that very special moment.  Even as the misty rain started to fall, we managed to capture in that intimate space that love Ashley and Jason shared with each other.  May they both celebrate many happy years together.  Mazel Tov!


circles of salt

For my final school assignment, I was to explore video with an option of many forms - I went with a music film clip.  I was so excited to finally live a little dream out in reality.  

So a little backstory, since I was little girl my dad's obsession with music was handed down to my sister and I.  But I distinctly remember a day when I was very young, he put a big pair of headphones on me and I believe was an Alan Parsons record playing and said "close your eyes and try to SEE the music".  No my was some tripped out hippie, far from it actually... just an untapped creative soul.  I never forgot and indeed for years I SAW music, and made sense why I became a dancer - to dance is to BE the visual of the music.  To this day my favorite time out is the once or twice week long commute to my Brooklyn client where I explore so old favorites to new inspirations on my headphones and get so lost in the visual places it takes me too. Escapism at its finest.

So here I am with a billion ideas already dreamt up and on the table, however the reality is the mind has an unlimited budget! I settled far a relatively recent piece of music by the talented Snow Ghosts (GO BUY THEIR MUSIC! - You'll thank me later) that fell into the 5min requirement and was something I could produce on a very limited budget.

  • a year of daydreaming
  • a week or so watching a bajilion youtubes on how to film with a dslr
  • a half day filming with 2 amazing people out on a freezing ass day in the woods among some ruins (+ bonus snow)
  • one entire day learning premier pro with a handful of manual instructions and youtubes while putting this together ... 
  • another day writing the follow up report 
  • on evening in the afterglow knowing you just completed your last major assignment. the LAST one.

FINALLY - i finished something in my life.  life goal achievement unlocked!

Jacqueline Shimmiezz
Mel Anya - assistant
D Webb Designs - stylist

le bal oriental - dec

The Laurens returned to the red room with friends and put on the amazing show of many talents in the Red Room, NYC.    Bonus moment of the night is that there was cake for the birthday girl Debbie! And the sad note being Matt's last NYC performance before the big move back to Kentucky.

Lauren Marie
Robbiani Lauren Jeanette
Adriana Molello
Brad MacDonald
Debbie Despina & Kate
Irina Bellyrina
Kaitlin McKendry
Matt Elliott
Serena Spears

dance 'til dawn - midnight music video shoot

An overnight music video shoot for Ayesha Adamo in a gorgeous little hidden historical theater in NYC's Upper West Side, and I had the fun task of taking behind the scene photos.

*will post video here once it is released*

witching hour boo-tique: illusionox

Brooklyn's powerhouse belly dance duo Brenna Crowley and Giselle Mencio put on quite the show at Triskelion Arts along with some really talented dancers.  It was a journey to the dark but sometimes slightly whimsical side though the magical underbelly of many different references to cult films and stories.  Enjoy - and if you have the chance of being in NYC and they are putting on a show, do not deny yourself the devilish pleasure of seeing one of their shows.

Follow them:  Facebook | Instagram | Website

DANCERS in order of appearance:

Danielle Hutton
DeFrancesco Dance
Matt Elliot
Giselle BellydanceNYC
Dalia Carella Dance Collective
Samantha Nieves

Brenna Crowley
Karen Wahl
Nyx Asteria & The Mystique Collective

mirapiece theater nyc

The talented Mira Betz paid a visit to NYC as the guest of Danielle Hutton for their partnership to bring Mirapiece Theater to the city.  Workshops were run through the week with the show as the great finale of transforming those hours of study of the students into something beautiful to share with us.


northeast kelpie meet-ups

Kelpies unite!  And heck why not all the Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, Koolies and everything mixed in between come along for the party too!   We had two gatherings in 2016 with thanks to the wonderful host 'Amiable Acres' in the Catskills NY.  


the lowline lab

My volunteer spot for 2016 was at the Lowline Lab in NYC, a space to research and develop the technology to build the world's first underground park and scheduled to open in 2021. Using state of the art technology in harvesting and transporting sunlight to sustain plant life deep underground, they will take over a large section of disused subway space abandoned in the mid 20th century that has laid untouched.  The Lowline Lab not only provides a place for research, but also for the community to come and connect and help shape the future of this revolutionary idea.  I was invited along to capture community meetings, public programs that engaged with other local community organizations and the general public.  I learned so much just being there listening on in, not just about the Lowline space itself, but the living, breathing wild city that surrounds it.

For more information on the technology, how to go check it out or even donate to this amazing historic project, please visit

raks al zahra - relationships

"Throughout our lives, we find different ways of relating to others. We find ourselves emerging with emotions that connect deeply with someone else. We perceive and feel the energy, beyond the person. As human beings, it is important to relate with other people, from family to friends, partners, coworkers, colleagues, teachers, roommates, strangers, to even those who have past away. It can be for a short time: hours, days, months, four, nine, eighteen, thirty-one years… the rest of our lives or beyond! The best way to appreciate these relations is to value people and be grateful for them. If you are reading this, it is because somehow we have been related, or connected." 

dog days at lake mohegan & jennings beach

So our two dogs are spoilt rotten are we frequently drive them up to a puppy paradise that is Lake Mohegan in CT, where they run free and happy off-leash through the woods and swim in the streams and lake.  In the cooler months they can also enjoy the nearby Jenning's beach, where we enjoy a late lunch and the dogs chase each other and the seagulls - a wonderful day trip with the fur children trapped in NYC.  Here are some photos from visits in 2016 with their friends who joined us for the adventure.

execution rocks with amaria & atlas obscura

Amaria (dancer from NYC) and I decided to combine business with pleasure, and embark on a rather unorthodox photoshoot by going along with NYCs most interesting adventure/tour group Atlas Obscura on a day trip to visit a little haunted lighthouse.  I brought the vision and a hat, Amaria brought her lovely self and style - and Atlas Obscura, the lighthouse keepers and dreary weather brought the perfect vibes to the shoot.  

More about Execution Rocks ATLAS OBSCURA and WIKIPEDIA


the gathering with valerie boyd

Concert and Live Recording with Valerie Boyd, hosted by Spiritual Director Xavier Eikerenkoetter and Overseer Annette Eikerenkoetter

Featuring acclaimed gospel artist Valerie Boyd. Performances by soul singer Brenda Lee Eager, Tim McAfee-Lewis and the UPHI Inspirational Choir.