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Monzeeki. monzeeki is an artist and global citizen. During her childhood spent in Australia, she explored her expansive artistic interests. In her previous lives, monzeeki has been a painter, a musician, an illustrator, and a dancer. In her current incarnation as a photographer, she brings all of her creative experience to the forefront of her work.

With more than 22 years of experience as a trained belly-dancer, monzeeki has an eye for movement and aims to capture dynamic energy in frozen frames. With dance as her starting point, her portfolio is expanding as she branches out into other performing arts like theater and opera as well as fashion photography.

She is an explorer at heart, something that is evident in both her art and her hobbies. monzeeki has travelled across the world in search of adventure, inspiration, and human connection. She is not content to merely gaze out at a new place through the lens of her camera. Wherever monzeeki goes, she forges relationships across cultural and linguistic barriers to gain access to photographic opportunities that wouldn’t be possible any other way. 


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Client Testimonials

The photos came out absolutely amazing!!! Again thanks so much for everything!!!
If anyone ever needs a photographer I will definitely send them your way. ★★★★★
— Rob & Ariana
HIGHLY recommended!!!* Monzeeki is an extraordinary artist with drive, respect, and vision for her work. We have worked together plenty of times, and each time the experience is exciting, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. I’m a dancer and have done all of my professional photo shoots with her, as well as some personal projects, because she goes above and beyond to make sure the mood and artistry in everything she does is captured. From the beginning of having a vision, to the journey of collaborating and engaging her subject and capturing their essence, to the process of editing and fine-tuning to make her vision a reality - I’ve been witness to her process, and am always so impressed by how deeply involved she is with the entire experience. She is very creatively engaging, so technically skilled, and such a delight to work with. Really can’t rave enough. Outstanding experiences with this talented woman! Be sure to book her for your next shoot! ★★★★★
— Melanya Z.
Monzeeki was the photographer for my dance persona and jewelry line, and produced some of the most amazing images of me I’ve ever seen. She understands beautiful lines and shapes on bodies, and how to capture the individuality in ones face. She has a real knack for making the subject feel comfortable and beautiful! Highly recommended! ★★★★★
— Carola S.
Monzeeki is an amazing photographer and she is personally the only one I will go to for photoshoots. She is lovely to be around, patient, creative and helps transform me into something magical...every time! ★★★★★
— Tara M.
Monzeeki is a fabulous photographer who made my surprise engagement look planned because the photos were so good! Not only is the work she captures absolutely perfect, but she is a very kind, open, and patient person to work with. I felt comfortable and every need was met in capturing all the right shots. She also made artistic suggestions that I would not have thought of otherwise that really helped make one of my happiest moments last forever. I will be working with her in the future! ★★★★★
— Hillary P.
Monzeeki elevates photography to new levels of artistry, she is passionate about her work and delivers photos promptly and is on top of her communication. She has a positive attitude, is easy going and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. ★★★★★
— Kaeshi C.

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