the lowline lab

My volunteer spot for 2016 was at the Lowline Lab in NYC, a space to research and develop the technology to build the world's first underground park and scheduled to open in 2021. Using state of the art technology in harvesting and transporting sunlight to sustain plant life deep underground, they will take over a large section of disused subway space abandoned in the mid 20th century that has laid untouched.  The Lowline Lab not only provides a place for research, but also for the community to come and connect and help shape the future of this revolutionary idea.  I was invited along to capture community meetings, public programs that engaged with other local community organizations and the general public.  I learned so much just being there listening on in, not just about the Lowline space itself, but the living, breathing wild city that surrounds it.

For more information on the technology, how to go check it out or even donate to this amazing historic project, please visit