thank you!

2016 has been a whirlwind. Personally its been a very stressful and painful year marred with losses of loved ones, accidents, pup emergencies and visa nightmares.  Photography wise its been the toughest yet more rewarding year to date.  I managed to somehow finish my diploma amongst all the chaos. I discovered some new paths and passions along the way, namely portraiture. I have been inspired by so many around me, I have taken a leap of faith in myself.  I have freelanced in my other career for many years, finding that belief and trust in oneself to formally start my own business is probably the hardest path I have ever taken in my adult life. Yes adulting is hard.   

So with my new business established, I am so excited to make some beautiful art in 2017.  So many possibilities await, and I look so forward to collaborate with the amazing communities I have found and bring some beauty to this politically terrifying world.

Lastly I am very excited to share with you my favorite image from 2016. Considering the incredible amount of beautiful work made this year, it was the hardest call to make. In reality I got down to like 50 shots that I love dearly and was the hardest task to get to one.  Enjoy.


Amaria Selene

For those who don't know intimately, I am an orientalist art lover. beyond the often grossly misrepresented visions and sometimes romanticized horrors of exploitations of another place and time.... it has inspired a lifetime journey that lead me these ancient lands and discovering the reality myself. Life is real and life is grit, it is and always has been - but there was always a sense of magic and mystery captured in the light, in each paint stroke - which was the only hard truth i found correlated between these paintings and real life. Everywhere i travelled, this magic you could taste in the air... you got led astray by that light - hypnotized by small pockets of ethereal that only you caught in a fleeting moment.

Here she is untouchable, you are forced to respect her grace. You cannot threaten her, here she rules the world from her reclined moment of peace, lost in the haze of her thoughts.