riddle of the sphinx

This quaint little town in West Massachusetts seemed like I had somehow been teleported to some bizarre alternative reality.  Travelled there to see a friend from the West Coast who was working on a movie being shot there.  The bus I caught dropped me right out front of the castle where it was being shot.  My friend happened to be staying across the road and came squealing out to greet me.  The oddities of that place in a late autumn setting had me hooked.  Definitely some interesting energy in the air.  

We wandered around the grounds and found this beautiful accropolise drenched in the beautiful colors of the season, guarded by two sphinx.  The scene oozed such strong emotive powers that was rather overwhelming - was just so damn beautiful and mysterious.  later we dressed up and joined the locals and crew down at the only local bar for Halloween and boy wasn't it fun - they know how to Halloween!  The entire trip I felt haunted by the constant feeling as though I was on set, almost like never waking from a dreamlike state.  

A trip I will never forget.