magic in greenwood cemetery

I love Atlas Obscura and their tours. One gets to know the quirky lesser known history of so many places. It has been my saving grace when my imagination and inspiration falls flat caught up in the  every day routine in a big city.  Today we were off to one of my favorite cemeteries, Greenwood in Brooklyn.  A lucky break in the recent early winter chills along with the last glimmer of autumn still clutching to the branches made for a perfect day meandering along the winding paths and stepping back into the 19th and early 20th centuries.  We crawled into thick bushes to find hidden headstones, the resting places of the fox sisters, Washington Irving Bishop and more throughout the never ending grounds.  Beautiful statues that remind us of the pagan roots christianity still embodies to this day.  Large mausoleums housing large populations of those whom were terrified of being buried alive. I could go on and in more detail, however best you sign up.... :)

I am always impressed on how much more I learn from these tours, and usually spend the rest of the night (in the least) researching the gaps and the side stories. It has really come to my attention I am an easily captivated audience. There is always twists to the stories, scandals, drama, outrage and hardships that no matter how detached our 21st reality seems to be, it always feels so close.  These people walked the same streets as us, and yet had such different challenges in life - if only we could meet with them at the pub to hear more of their incredible stories.... 

A huge thank you to Allison at Atlas Obscura for taking us on this amazing journey to yesteryear and its quirks.