tales from kuna yala

Blessed with some pretty amazing friends in Panama and their lucky hook-ups, we were able to head out to the island archipelago of San Blas (locally referred to as Kuna Yala).  There are 365 islands, one for every day of the year - only 49 of them are inhabited.  The local Kuna indians were driven to these islands during the Spanish invasion of the region.  The traditional indian life is still very evident today, with fishing and living from the ocean in their simple way of life.  

We camped on our own island which we shared with its current caretakers.  The elders in the community take turns every year being stationed out to take care of these tiny islands.  Their hut was simply with palm tree thatched roof, and hammocks to sleep in.  An adjacent smaller hut is where the colorfully dressed wife would salt, smoke and prepare the catch her husband brought home that day.  They would trade with others boating past for their needs.