surrendering to the fall

Hailing from a tropical region on this planet where the seasons consist of wet and dry, it is no surprise that I have become overly obsessive about autumn and all her glory.   Past few years since living on the NE coast of the USA has only deeped that obsession.  Being such a fickly phenomenon, planning to catch the peak of colors can come down to just pure luck and the past few years have only missed it my a smidgen prematurely or past due.  

This year was my year, and who knew that something so beautiful, could be a thousand more times beautiful again. The forest floors were litered with overly large confetti, its just like mother nature through the biggest party just for me.  Perhaps I am getting soft in my years, but its the one thing that can reduce me to tears as I take it all in, just from the overwhelming beauty of it all. Mother earth can really weave some magic on this planet.  This adventure I was accompanied by my fur-kids, they have so much fun on the off-leash parks and pulled on the cuteness more than not so was irresistible to capture that joy.